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LongXing goes to Shanghai again to attend Bakery China

2021-05-09 04:29 887次

On April 26, 2021, our two salesmen and general manager went to Shanghai again to attend the 23rd Bakery China.


Founded in 1997, Bakery China is the global largest event serving the entire value chain for the bakery and confectionery market. Annually held in Shanghai, the event enables leading global professionals, buyers and delegates to meet and share the largest innovations and thinking in manufacturing, distribution, R&D, applications and other related services in the bakery industry. It seeks to promote the Chinese bakery industry through comprehensive development. The 23rd Bakery China would be held on April 27-30, 2021 at SNIEC, Shanghai, covering an area of more than 230,000 sqm. Over 2,200 exhibitors and 300,000 visits from all over the world have been attended.[1]



Bakery Ingredient & Finished Product

Coffee/Beverage/Leisure Food

Baking Equipment

Home Baking


Bakery Packing Solution

Bakery Production and Others


This exhibition sets up 4 major sections and more than 20 category zones to reflect the development trends, guide the future development of enterprises, and help the bakery industry to meet the new needs of different scenes and people, and also facilitate buyers to visit and purchase on site.

    E1-E9, N5 Bakery Ingredient & Finished Product Sections

    W1-W7, N1 Baking Equipment Sections

    N2-N4 Bakery Packing Solution Sections

    E7, N4 and N5 Competition Sections





LongXing, a 30-year-old producer of seeds and kernels and supplier of high-quality baking materials, brings pumpkin kernels and sunflower kernels to the exhibition.

Customers come to LongXing booth in an endless stream, and they all say that due to the coming of the moon cake season, pumpkin seeds kernels will be widely used in making moon cake fillings and other foods; At the same time, many pastry industry customers come to ask the price of pumpkin seeds kernels and sunflower seeds kernels.

As the last Bakery China was not held due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of exhibitors and visitors of this exhibition has reached a record high. On the first day of the exhibition, 300 business cards were almost distributed.

XiaoXingxing was annoyed that didn't bring more business cards.


Bayannaoer LongXing Trading Co., LTD founded in June 2007 is the leading and professional manufacturer and exporter of seeds business. We had obtained the permission of exporting business and passed the qualification of IOS9001 and HACCP in 2010.

LongXing has five production lines for sunflower seeds and two lines for pumpkin seeds, which has the capability of yielding more than 8,000 tons of pumpkin kernels, producing more than 20,000 tons of sunflower seeds and 2000 tons of sunflower kernels annually.

LongXing believes the philosophy of "Quality comes first, Innovation comes next." We have won the trust and recognition from clients home and abroad due to the best quality and most competitive price of our products. We have established a raw material supply network throughout China, covering Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Jilin, etc. Our products exported to the Mid East, Europe, America, and other countries and regions.


Pictures showed above is the sunflower seeds kernels for bakery and confectionery. Pumpkin seeds kernels, which has 3 types of quality level (A, AA and AAA). All the specifications of these kernels is showed in a table below.



Sunflower Seeds Kernels


   Broken<5%, Moisture<7.5%, Imperfect<0.1%, In shell<0.1%

Pumpkin Seeds Kernels

As Purity has >20%AA, AAs Purity has > 95%AA

   Broken<3%, Moisture<7.5%, Imperfect<0.1%, In shell<0.1%

Pumpkin seeds kernels are rich in various nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin E, selenium, niacin, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, iron, zinc, vitamin B2, phosphorus, sodium, etc.

Pumpkin seeds kernels are also used for a variety of purposes. Eat raw directly can keep almost all nutrients to the maximum extent; Pumpkin kernels rich in protein (34 G protein per 100 g pumpkin kernels[2]) can also be ground into protein powder or made into soybean milk; In addition, pumpkin seed is widely used in the baking industry, such as pumpkin crisp, dessert ornament, moon cake stuffing, nut stick, daily nuts, ShaQima, etc.

At the same time, sunflower seeds kernels is also rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc.

In addition to the conventional eat raw or fried sunflower kernels, the contribution to the baking industry is still huge. It can not only be used as ornament for desserts, but also as stuffing for moon cakes.


Business history. LongXing was founded in 1997 and registered in 2007. It has more than 20 years of experience in seed production and marketing. Products are exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other 28 countries and regions. Factory area is about 25000 m2 which has modern and professional equipment. The average daily output reaches 140 Ts and annual capability of producing is about 50000 Ts.

Producing areas. LongXing company is located in the Hetao Plain of Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia, where the temperature is 14-30 degrees in summer and the temperature difference between day and night is large; The total sunshine hours were more than 3200 hours per year; At the same time, it is also the Hetao Irrigation Area of the World's Irrigation Project, diverting the Yellow River to irrigate more than 10 million mu of Hetao land. All these advantages provide favorable conditions for the growth of pumpkin and sunflower. Therefore, Hetao Plain is one of the largest producing areas of pumpkin and sunflower in China.

Technical advantages. LongXing company has introduced many sets of production equipment at home and abroad, adopting up to 23 production processes and 7 production lines. Low temperature baking technology was used to produce pumpkin seeds kernels, which maintained the original nutrients and brought crispy taste; X-ray machine and metal detector were used to ensure that there were no metal impurities in pumpkin seeds; Buhler color sorter, air separation, specific gravity, classification, stone removal and other impurity removal steps; On this basis, manual hand picking method is used to remove the inferior broken kernels to ensure the best.

Price advantage.

Production quality. LongXing company has passed ISO 9001, HACCP certification, and also got kosher, halal and BRC certification. With the help of the official institution, we believe we'll become more and more professional in the seeds and kernels field.

[1] Bakery Chinas Website

[2] 2018 China food composition table Standard Edition