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Longxing attended in the 2023 Anuga International Food Exhibition in Cologne, Germany

2024-04-09 07:34 38次

  Cologne International Food Exhibition in Germany (ANUGA) - is one of the important exhibition projects hosted by Cologne International Exhibition Company in Germany. It has been the most important trade exhibition in the German and international food and beverage industry for half a century, and is also the largest in the world. Food and Beverage Trade Show. Each session of the exhibition attracts food and beverage manufacturers and professional trade professionals from all over the world. It is an ideal place and exchange event for the food industry to establish customer contacts and order products.

  After the Covid-19, with the favorable policies and support provided by the country to export enterprises, our company actively participated in various food exhibitions at home and abroad. On October 5, 2023, our company, led by General Manager Li Peng, went to Cologne, Germany to participate in the Cologne International Food Exhibition in Germany.

  Our company's exhibitors carefully planned before the exhibition and took the initiative to send invitation letters to old customers, striving to present the company's products and company image in front of customers in a perfect way.

  During the exhibition, our company's sales team met with old customers, had in-depth conversations, exchanged opinions on market conditions, future cooperation methods, etc., consolidated the relationship with old customers and reached a consensus for future expansion of cooperation. At the same time, The Cologne Food Show in Germany is a comprehensive food exhibition. In addition to professional visitors from all over the world, many exhibitors in other exhibition halls are also direct customers. During the exhibition, our company also made full use of the exhibition opportunities, took the initiative, and took time to visit other exhibitions. We took the initiative to visit the exhibition hall, exchange company information and samples, and established first contact with direct customers.

  By participating in exhibitions and having face-to-face conversations with customers, companies can better understand the needs of old customers and the concerns of potential customers, and also make customers trust the company more, laying a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. At the same time, the company can better understand the market dynamics of international peers. , deeply discussed Europe’s EU requirements for the export of Chinese agricultural and sideline products in order to avoid some export risks and losses for the company.