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LongXing attended in 2023 Worldfood Moscow

2024-04-17 10:20 31次

The annual WorldFood Moscow is the most influential exhibition in the food and beverage industry in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The exhibition is hosted by the famous British ITE Exhibition Group. Since its inception in 1992, it has been successfully held for 31 times and has received strong support from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and the Moscow City Government.

Bayannaoer Long Xing Trading Co., Ltd. made its first appearance at the WorldFood Moscow, attracting many nut companies, professional food merchants, cross-border e-commerce platforms, etc. from Russia and other neighboring Central Asian countries to discuss business cooperation and conduct business cooperation with many merchants. Face-to-face communication, discussing industry development trends, exploring cooperation opportunities, expanding business scope, enhancing customers' trust, and further enhancing the company's influence in the food industry.

During the exhibition, our company received a total of about 200 exhibitors and visitors. 5+ intentional contacts, mainly including the service needs of multiple domestic and international buyers related to supermarkets, small-scale seed roasting factories, mixed nuts, etc. During the four-day food exhibition, old friends from afar came to greet us, and new friends seeking cooperation came to negotiate.

Our booth welcomed countless visitors and inquiries, which started with a buzz of people and ended with a huge crowd. At the exhibition site, Longxing's sales staff enthusiastically introduced the features and advantages of the platform in detail to every visitor who came to inquire with their senior and professional standards. They also fully obtained more front-end information through exchanges and discussions with peers in the industry.

Longxing Company has always focused on providing customers with high-quality melon seeds and pumpkin seed products, a complete service system, and a strong production technology and operation team to meet customers' high-quality order needs.

Sincere thanks to everyone who came to visit! Longxing Company will continue to innovate and provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.